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M&N is proud to offer a variety of stencils to meet our customers needs. From the rigid durability of hand cut brass, to encorporating custom logos or art using the precision cuts of a laser. Whatever your stencil need M&N has the answer.


Brass stencils are the most durable longest lasting stencil we offer. Brass is ideal for jobs that oilboard or other materials cannot handle. Brass is also available in interlocking characters, which self align, for perfect results every time.


Oilboard is a stiff cardboard like material which is impregnated with oil to temporarily resist ink absorbtion. It is the most economical material, designed for flat surfaces and limited uses.


Mylar is DuPont's trade name for polyester film. A flexible material, it is available in a variety of thicknesses. Custom artwork, logos and a variety of fonts can be incorporated in Mylar or Styrene stencils. Mylar and Styrene stencils can be used on flat as well as moderatly curved surfaces. Mylar and Styrene stencils offer excellent durability, are easily cleaned, and will last for many years with proper care.