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Welcome to the website for M & N Nameplate and Rubber Stamps.

M & N Nameplate and Rubber Stamps has been providing high-quality rubber stamps, nameplates, plaques and badges to businesses and individuals in the Houston area since the 1930s. Current owner Marjorie Waltman bought the company in 1989 and continues to work side-by-side with long-time employees Paul, Vicki and Kevin to provide the best in customer service and product knowledge. Please call us today at 713-467-0238 and put our experience to the test. At M & N Nameplate and Rubber Stamps we want to give you more than just a good product at a good price -- we want to give you the right product at the right price!

We offer the highest quality Rubber Stamps from top brands including Ideal, X-Stamper and Max Stamp, and we carry an extensive collection of Ink in a wide variety of colors. We also specialize in Nameplates for both desks, door and walls, Engraved and Digital ID Badges, Tags, Signs, Labels and Awards/Plaques.


Because we are proud to be part of the Houston business community, our professional affiliations include the Better Business Bureau of Houston and the Marking Device Association International (MDAI). We are also an authorized HUB vendor for the state of Texas and a Woman-Owned Business.